Monday, July 20, 2009

Why People Don't Do Good Deeds Anymore...

Last night Brent took Sadie for a walk, and then told me that a cat was outside in the bushes...Already this was a stupid mistake...he knows can't tell me there is a furry fuzzy sad hungry animal outside and not expect me to go look for it...He said he tried to take it back with him but the second it saw Sadie it started hissing...Then on his way back, it started to follow...So once Sadie was back inside we went looking for the cat...I noticed a tail dart behind a dumpster. Brent walked over and the cat ran over towards him, and was fine with Brent picking it up...So we brought it in. We put Sadie in the bedroom and the cat ran all around, I gave it water and a hotdog...Then Sadie smelt the hotdog and the night went downhill from to sum it up here are the key points....

-Posted "found cat" ads all over the internet

- Named the cat Bill

- Bill was probably a girl, but it was to furry to tell and boy names are far better then girl names.

- Bill loved us, she was very friendly and made herself at home

- Bill liked playing in the moving boxes

-Sadie was pissed that she was stuck in the bedroom so I had to listen to her whine forever

-Bill decided to have diarrhea on my bathmat

-Locked Bill in the bathroom with doggy pee pads, blanket and a box

-Woke up to lotssss more cat crap all over the bathroom

-Bill decided to walk in it and then walk all over the floor, sink and toilet

-Decided that Bill might be sick, so she needed to go

-Bill enjoyed a car ride...Slept in the backseat

-Took her to the humane society and they CHARGED us to drop off a lost cat

-Then made us fill out paperwork...we had the cat for 15 hours what could we possibly know about the cat besides were we found it

-Come home...Sadie decided to open the bathroom door and touch everything the cat touched

-Spent an hour disinfecting the house and every surface

That's a lot of detail but my point is you do a nice thing like find a cat and then try to make sure its safe and you have to pay for it in more in one way. And now Brent wants to go back and get Bill if the owners don't claim it. My vote is NO. Traveling across the country with a dog is enough.

*Message to my dad...I deserve some brownie points for NOT bringing another animal home for once!*

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