Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Madness

Most of you already know how excited I was for the 4th of July...I had my camera and tripod already. Read up on how to get good pix of fireworks. There was gonna be a big concert at the river; 100,000 people going, blah blah blah. It was gonna be big... I had to find a bag to stuff my tripod into cuz I heard that you couldn't bring them down there. I was determined to get good pix for once and a tripod is a MUST...

So we leave at 6:00pm and it starts raining. We go back upstairs, wait a while, grab an umbrella and leave...Still raining a bit. Since I am a foot shorter then Brent I couldn't share the umbrella, so he was stuck getting wet. We walk to the river and everyone is running away cuz its raining harder. So we literally walk down, and then walk right back.

Then at 8:00pm we decide to go down again (it stopped raining) so I would have time to set up my camera...fireworks were to start at 9:00pm...we walk outside at 8:04 and hear fireworks! I am furious. These idiots started them early cuz of the storm. So people are running to see them. TAKE A WILD GUESS WHAT HAPPENS...yep it starts raining...and no umbrella this time. Why I don't know...We get down there and its raining, a huge tree is in the way and we can barely see a thing!! I am furious!! I take out my camera ( no tripod, its too wet) try to snap a few pix. There is no point its such a mess outside you can't see a thing. I put my camera away, thank god I am a purse hoarder and last minute I grabbed my huge purse with a zipper and raincoat material BECAUSE IT STARTS POURING LIKE NO OTHER. Literally all the sudden it was like someone was holding your head under a water fall, and everyone starts screaming and running. Within one minute the hill we were on, just floods. Brent says "fuck this I am running back" I am so furious that I just stand there. And he runs off...I thought he was running towards the business doorways people were cramming into...So I stood there, I refused to run with the crowd. Within 2 minutes I am as soaked as if I were thrown into the river...My cell phone was soaked and dripping water. I try calling Brent and it doesn't even work. So I start to walk home and I am choking because the water is so fast that it just runs down your face and into your mouth. I get home, and have to beg some jerk out front to open the door for me cuz I have no keys. Brent is already inside, water was pouring out my shoes, and my ears were throbbing from all the water inside them. 4TH OF JULY HATES ME.

I have included a pic of the fantasic view I had of the fireworks, and the aftermath of me, you get the idea!

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